Scribbers Road crash sends four into Clearfield Creek

Harley Daniels, 27, of Clearfield, is facing drug-related charges as well as child endangerment after crashing this vehicle into Clearfield Creek along Scribbers Road in Lawrence Township in early June.

CLEARFIELD — A Clearfield woman is facing drug and child endangerment charges after she crashed her vehicle into Clearfield Creek in early June.

Harley Rae Daniels, 27, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing today in front of District Judge J. Michael Morris at Centralized Court at the Clearfield County Jail.

Lawrence Township Police were called to the scene of a single vehicle crash along Scribbers Road near Aspen Springs Lane where a silver Ford Taurus went into the water with two adults and two children attempting to get out of the vehicle.

Upon arrival, officers saw the vehicle was located in a 10-foot deep ravine along the roadway and partially submerged in water. Tire tracks were observed on the left hand side of the road before an aggressive right turn was made, launching the vehicle airborne and striking a tree, coming to rest in the water.

According to police, Daniels and two children ages 2 and 4 were at a camp site nearby attempting to obtain medical aid. Police said Daniels was visibly upset and the children had sustained minor abrasion and cuts. Daniels told police she was unsure of what happened and she didn’t believe she was speeding. Police said Daniels was unable to describe the events that had occurred, and was observed with jittery behavior, dilated pupils, slow raspy speech and eyelid tremors. When asked if she had consumed alcohol or drugs, Daniel denied, but later advised she was taking prescription Suboxone and was pregnant.

After failing a field sobriety test, a check of Daniels’ nasal passage with a UV light resulted in a glowing from an unknown white substance.

Daniels told police she and the children were the only ones in the vehicle, despite a report of two adults. Daniels said it was only her and the two children. When asked if her boyfriend Tyler Timko was with her, known to police to have outstanding warrants, Daniels said it was only her.

An observer to the crash said a male was observed exiting the vehicle after the crash, running down a path toward the riverbank.

An officer later observed a male matching the description in a wooded area between the river and Scribbers Road. After running away from the officer who told him to stop, the male fell down a 5-foot embankment and was taken into custody. Upon searching Timko’s wallet, a baggie with a white substance was found to which Timko claimed was “salt” as well as another form if identification belonging to another male.

Daniels was located in the rear of an ambulance and was advised that she had lied to police and was also advised that due to the nature of the crash as well as observed impairment, she was suspected to be DUI of a controlled substance.

Daniels was refused to give a blood sample for chemical testing and began to fight with a paramedic who was attempting to insert an IV. Daniels began screaming at the paramedic that he was not taking her blood without her consent and was told they were trying to help her, not take her blood.

After being medically cleared, Timko was transported to Clearfield County Jail.

Timko told police that he and Daniels had been arguing. Daniels became angry and after leaving the Iron Bridge swimming area, she began to drive at a high rate of speed due to being irate. He said he advised Daniels to slow down but the car crashed, and he was able to get the children out of the vehicle before fleeing.

Police examined a pill container on Daniels’ car key chain which contained an assortment of pills that were sent to the Erie Crime lab to be tested. The substance found on Timko was field tested and revealed to be methamphetamine.

Daniels was charged with DUI of a controlled substance, endangering the welfare of children and other drug-related charges.

Timko waived his charges to court and remains in Clearfield County Jail unable to post bail.

In an unrelated case, Daniels is facing an additional misdemeanor charge of use/possession of drug paraphernalia as well as summary harassment and disorderly conduct.

Clearfield Borough Police responded to a domestic dispute shortly after 2 a.m. on July 19 after a report that a grandmother was pushed by her granddaughter and was laying on the floor of her mobile home.

Police found an elderly female seated in the kitchen leaning against the cabinets but could not stand up. She advised that her granddaughter, identified as Daniels, allegedly became involved in a verbal argument that escalated, resulting in the grandmother attempting to defend herself with her cane and Daniels pushing her, causing the woman to fall backwards.

Police spoke to Daniels and searched her purse with her consent. Police located a blue and green glass pipe and a syringe cap. When asked if there were any syringes in the purse, Daniels said there was not, but police did locate a capped syringe.

A preliminary hearing on those charges is set for Sept. 5 at Centralized Court.

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