PENFIELD — Options have been laid on the table to address some flooding concerns on Bennett Branch in Penfield.

At their last meeting, Huston Township supervisors provided minutes from a meeting last month with officials from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and Clearfield County.

The Oct. 10 meeting between the officials was a follow-up to an Aug. 16 meeting. Back in August, it was decided to address stream bank erosion and sediment accumulation “immediately upstream of the State Route 153 bridge, to the confluence with Wilson Run.”

Now, officials are looking at an approach that will use Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stream bank stabilization/habitat structures on key bends.

It was noted that this concept “will help Bennett Branch re-establish its preferred channel width and prevent the formation of additional sediment bars.”

The concept includes four multi-log deflectors on the upstream side of the bridge. The first upstream deflector would go 10 feet into Bennett Branch. Then, each successive deflector would extend less of a distance, until the final one was about four feet into Bennett Branch.

On the downstream side of the bridge, there would be three multi-log deflectors and a single-log deflector, with the first deflector immediately downstream of a willow tree.

Further down the waterway, there would four multi-log deflectors on Bennett Branch and three single-cross logs in Wilson Run. This is aimed at preventing further head cutting and act as grade control. It’s noted that these will encourage Wilson Run to flow to the east into Bennett Branch instead of creating a 90-degree angle.

Below that, there would be a two-section modified mudsill cribbing. It would be bordered upstream and downstream by multi-log deflectors. It’s noted that the force of Wilson Run is causing a deep cut and severe erosion here.

Also, it was noted that a Clearfield County Conservation District watershed specialist can help get funding for the project. The specialist could also assist in filling out permitting paperwork and assist with overall project management.

Another funding source that was deemed appropriate for the township to consider was the Sinnemahoning Stakeholder’s Committee.

The township thought it would be able to rent and run equipment for the project.

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