BIG RUN — People passing through the Big Run community can make a stop at a roadside, country convenience store for fresh-baked goods and an old-fashioned feel.

Harvey’s Country Cupboard at 100 West Main Street is an Amish bakery, market and deli. It also offers handcrafted gift items.

Owner Katie Harvey said she opened the shop in March of 2018, but had been working on it long before that.

Harvey is a Punxsutawney native herself, but worked at a Big Run bank for years, where she sort of “fell in love” with the little community and its people.

Harvey also owned a nearby restaurant, but decided she wanted to do more, since she’s always liked the country-store theme.

The building, which is more than 100 years old, holds a lot of history, Harvey says. The upstairs, which is now an apartment, used to be a place for church services.

It’s been used as a convenience store location since 1923, having gone through five families, she said.

“The first year has been a learning experience,” Harvey said, adding that it’s been all about figuring out what the town likes, needs and wants.

HCC, which has 12 employees, does all of the cooking and baking on site, Harvey says, and nothing is frozen. They offer different weekly and daily specials, such as pizza giveaways, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches or “Big Run Burger Day.”

Harvey says now that Christmas has passed, they are getting out their spring and Groundhog Day items, such as themed pillows and hats. The business gets Punxsutawney Phil tourist visitors, as well as locals passing through on and around Feb. 2.

The deli offers everything from fresh bread to homemade macaroni and potato salad, and several dips, as well as meat and cheese trays. The bakery carries cookies, pies and other treats.

Harvey said one of her favorite things about HCC is she kept much of its original character, such as the original coolers, old display cases and an ancient wooden table in the front of the store.

She refers to herself as a “history nerd,” adding that she favors the old-fashioned way of life.

Although aspects of the building were redone, Harvey kept some original woodwork and dimmed lighting, while adding a couple of antique items to the walls. Family pictures are displayed behind the cashier counter.

Along the walls of the store are shelves of candy, much of which people may remember from their childhood, Harvey says.

“These are things people saw when they were little,” Harvey said. “I appreciate this kind of stuff.”

For more information, visit the HCC Facebook page or call 814-427-6948.

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