Anytime, Lunchtime

Adam and Vili Azzato are pictured inside of their food truck “Anytime, Lunchtime” at the Elk County Fair.

KERSEY — Vili and Adam Azzato, a married couple with an extensive culinary and hospitality background, are bringing their food-truck dream to the Elk County area.

“Anytime, Lunchtime,” a local food truck offering all kinds of cuisine, has been making its way around St. Marys and Kersey for the past couple of weeks.

The truck itself, blue in color, has phrases like “delicious” and “good eats” written all over it.

Vili, who is from Bulgaria, has a background in hospitality management, while Adam, a St. Marys native, is a former chef of 10 years.

After they had a baby, the couple say they wanted a job with more flexible hours, and something they could more from home.

The food-truck business officially opened July 31, and has been parked at St. Marys and Kersey locations, as well as the Elk County Fair the week of Aug. 5.

“For now, we want to stay local as much as we can,” Adam said. “This is home.”

Everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, Adam said, adding the beef is from Sugar Hill Farm in St. Marys. Another goal is to support local farms and businesses.

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Given the number of businesses and factories in the St. Marys area, the Azzatos were surprised there were no food trucks before they arrived, Vili said.

The couple plans to switch up the menu each month, depending on the season, Adam said, offering tasty dishes like tacos, potato bowls, burgers, gourmet sandwiches and more.

Eventually, the business will have a more established schedule, but for now, their upcoming locations are posted on their Facebook page regularly, the Azzatos said.

“Anytime, Lunchtime” will be at 277 Fairview Road in Kersey today and 1300 Brusselles Street Friday.

For upcoming locations, visit “Anytime, Lunchtime” on Facebook or call 814-335-8561.

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