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Clearfield County Probation Department’s Facebook page.

CLEARFIELD — Clearfield County is set to release the names of those who owe money for restitution and fines.

According to a press release, in an effort to increase payment of fines and restitution, Clearfield County Judges Fredric J. Ammerman and Paul E. Cherry will be releasing lists of names of those in arrears to the media and the Clearfield County Probation Department’s Facebook page (

The listing will include the defendant’s name, year of birth, case number, case years and the total amount due. Those listed will have 30 days to contact the collections office to make the required payment, and if necessary, sign a payment plan.

If no contact is made within 30 days, a warrant will be issued for the individual’s arrest.

In the future, when the court releases the lists, the names of those who have bench warrants issued from prior lists will also be provided to the media and posted on Facebook.

Those who owe money must pay a certain amount up front according to a formula. For example, those who owe $200 or less, the full amount must be paid. Larger amounts will be subject to an initial payment and a payment plan.

If one believes they might owe money to Clearfield County or are unsure if their account is paid in full, you may visit the probation office in Clearfield or call 765-2641 and speak to Dennis at Ext. 2067 or Drew at Ext. 2066.

Those who owe restitution in a criminal case and do not have the means to make monthly payments have the option of performing community service. For each hour of approved community service, $7 will be applied to their restitution balance and the probation department can assist those with this option. Community Service cannot be applied to fines and costs.

Anyone with information on a person who has a warrant is encouraged to contact the collection office at 765-2641 ext. 2066 or 2067. Any call providing information will be kept strictly confidential and can be made anonymously. A private message can also be placed on Facebook.

“Judges Ammerman and Cherry have always taken a hard stance on collection of criminal moneys; of greatest importance is payment of restitution in order that victims may be made whole. Past practice has been to schedule debtors for court and issue warrants for those who do not appear. The court’s new policy is an attempt to collect as much criminal money as possible without issuing warrants due to significant overcrowding difficulties at the county jail. Also in older cases the defendant’s address on file is no longer valid,” the press release stated.

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