Chantell Demi


CLEARFIELD — Chantell R. Demi, 27, of Woodland, will serve a minimum of 20-40 years in state prison after accepting a guilty plea to conspiracy-criminal homicide for participating in the murder of Chase Anderson, 19, last fall.

She allegedly assisted Denny Scott Bailey, 38, of Woodland, and Kenja Kasheem Tew, 22, of Glen Richey, in the murder of Anderson and covering up the crime.

Bailey, Tew and Anderson were allegedly involved in an illicit illegal drug distribution organization. Bailey was the ringleader of the drug organization and he allegedly believed Anderson was romantically involved with his girlfriend Demi and plotted the murder with Tew.

Last fall, Bailey and Tew allegedly lured Anderson to a wooded area in Pike Township under the false pretense of a drug pick up.

They drove Anderson to the location in a Ford Explorer. Once in the woods, Bailey and Tew stabbed Anderson to death and burned his body. Afterwards, they went back to Bailey and Demi’s home in Woodland, where they burned their clothes and cleaned themselves with bleach with the assistance of Demi.

Last September, Demi — with the assistance of Joe Ralston, 38, of Curwensville — drove the Ford Explorer to a remote location and set it on fire to destroy possible evidence.

When Demi was arrested in Clearfield Borough, the vehicle she was driving smelt of burnt methamphetamine and inside police found a loaded 32-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver with its serial number scratched out, a digital scale, glass pipes, packages of stamp baggies, latex gloves, unknown pills packaged for sale and other assorted drug paraphernalia.

Anderson was reported missing on Aug. 22. All four defendants were later interviewed by the state police and admitted to the crimes and Tew showed police the location of Anderson’s remains. However, Tew and Bailey accused each other of being the main perpetrator of the murder.

According to court documents, Demi pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap to inflict injury; abuse of a corpse; conspiracy-abuse of a corpse; tamper with evidence; arson; conspiracy-arson; tamper with evidence; conspiracy-tamper with evidence; manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance; possession of a firearm-altered; firearms not to be carried without a license; possession of a controlled substance; and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

The plea also states that Demi will receive a minimum sentence of 20-40 years with the maximum term being set by the trial judge.

She also agreed to cooperate with the commonwealth in the prosecution of her co-conspirators.

Demi is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 2 by President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman, according to court documents.

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