DuBOIS — A DuBois man accused of assaulting and harassing a tenant of one of his properties waived his right to a preliminary hearing Friday.

Philip P. Tabone, 68, DuBois, is charged with intimidating a victim or witness to withhold testimony, simple assault and harassment.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, at 3:20 p.m. Nov. 16, the victim called Sandy Township police to report that his landlord, Tabone, had just assaulted and tried to strangle him.

While en route, police were told that Tabone left in a brown truck in an unknown direction.

When police arrived, they spoke with the victim, who had a fresh brush burn, an abrasion on his forehead, and small red marks on the right side of his neck near his collar bone.

The victim said Tabone was yelling at him over an electrical situation going on at the residence.

He said that Tabone had pinned him down on the landing of the basement stairs, put his arm across his throat and banged his head off the wall, which caused the abrasion on his forehead.

The victim alleged that Tabone had been violent with him in the past, resulting in a call to police a few weeks prior, and he was tired of the harassment.

When returned to the station, they called Tabone. He said he was in Ohio. When queried about the assault, Tabone said the victim was a liar who was looking for free electric. Police told him that he would be arrested for the incident and advised him not to contact the victim, as he had already paid rent for the month.

On Nov. 17, the victim called police to report that Tabone had contact him to ask if he was going to drop the charges. He hung up after the victim said he would not.

On Nov. 23, the victim told police Tabone tried to contact him on three occasions after the initial incident, and reported receiving a harassing message on his phone. He also reported to police that there was no electric or heat inside his apartment at the time because Tabone had shut them off.

Bail was set at $10,000, unsecured.

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