Elk County

Elk County

RIDGWAY — After being picked up in a stolen car and arrested on an outstanding warrant, a DuBois man was charged with bringing a bag of methamphetamine into the Elk County Prison.

Storm Michael Armagost, 21, with addresses listed at both 3452 Route 204, Selinsgrove and 119 Luther Ave., DuBois, is charged by Ridgway police with contraband. In a separate case which led him to ECP, he is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to court records, Armagost was brought into the Elk County Prison and committed on a Clearfield County bench warrant for failure to appear in court, with the lead offense being false identification to law enforcement.

He was led to the prison after police found him when they were searching for a stolen vehicle. Armagost was a passenger in that vehicle. When police patted him down, Armagost said he had several syringes in his coat pocket.

During his initial search in the receiving hallway of the jail, a razor blade was found on his person. When asked, Armagost said he had nothing else on him.

When taken in to be strip searched, a small baggie of a clear crystal substance fell from his underwear.

Armagost said he thought he had ditched the baggie under the car with the other two. He also told police that it was meth.

Preliminary hearings in both cases are scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Jan. 3 at District Judge James L. Martin’s office in Johnsonburg.

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