CLEARFIELD — A DuBois man currently incarcerated in Clearfield County Jail charged with several cases of delivery of a controlled substance was ordered to serve a period of incarceration in state prison.

On Tuesday, Clearfield County Judge Paul E. Cherry ordered Terron K. Davis-Williams, 23, to serve two to five years in state prison on three separate cases of delivery of a controlled substance, specifically heroin.

Charges were filed after Davis-Williams sold heroin on June 30 in the City of DuBois to two different individuals who overdosed on the drug requiring medical intervention to save their lives. On July 6, a confidential informant set up a controlled buy to purchase heroin from Williams. On July 7, the informant met with Williams and obtained two bundles for $400. Upon completion of the sale, officers attempted to apprehend Williams.

A foot pursuit began with several officers nearly being struck by oncoming traffic. After taking custody of Williams, a search of his vehicle recovered 100 bags of heroin.

Prior to sentencing, Davis-Williams asked the court for a reduction of his sentence. The court denied this request but did state he would look into making him eligible to serve his sentence in the Quehanna Boot Camp.

The Commonwealth opposed the Boot Camp recommendation, stating his drug dealing involved the near death of two victims. She stated that he was aware of the drug potency.

Davis-Williams stated he was not being disrespectful but anyone who is either selling or consuming the illegal drugs knows the risks. He stated the blame is on both people, not just him.

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