REYNOLDSVILLE — A North Carolina woman accused of causing serious bodily injury to her child is also facing felony charges in Reynoldsville for interfering with her children’s custody.

It’s possible that Kylie Hamilton, of Cary, North Carolina, could be extradited to answer those charges, police said.

Hamilton was arrested earlier this month by the Cary Police Department after local hospital staff treating her daughter for injuries reported a possible case of abuse.

“We began our investigation, and during the course of our investigation, Miss Hamilton was charged with felony neglect,” said Cary Police Officer Randall Rhyne.

Hamilton’s boyfriend Ronald Frazier is being charged with first-degree attempted murder in connection with the crime. To Rhyne’s knowledge, the couple had been living in Cary for several months.

Hamilton’s charges of interfering with her children’s custody were filed recently and are alleged to have occurred in August. Speaking with a Raleigh newspaper, Reynoldsville Police Chief Troy Bell said she is accused of ignoring a court order that turned her children’s custody over to their paternal step-grandmother.

Rhyne said his department had been in touch with Pennsylvania authorities regarding the case. He said cases like these can lead to extradition, but that decision would be worked out by prosecutors in both states.

As the case is still ongoing, he declined to provide further details. He said if convicted, Hamilton could face up to 63 months in prison.

Frazier, he said, could be facing a life sentence. He said both are currently being held in the Wake County Detention Facility.

Hamilton is being held on a $100,000 bond, he said.

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