DuBois reports

DuBois City police officers responded to these incidents Wednesday.

  • Police were dispatched to check a suspicious woman, seated at Sheetz picnic tables, who was screaming and yelling, with no one around her. Upon arrival, police saw her walking north on Liberty Boulevard and made contact with her at the Car Wash. She said there were no problems and she was just walking to her storage shed. A check of her name and date of birth came back as holding a warrant through Tennessee, but it was found to be in-state only. No further action was taken.
  • Police were dispatched to the area of 300 Maple Avenue, for a report of an elderly woman walking into oncoming traffic, towards Shaffer Avenue. Upon arrival, police searched the area multiple times, but were unable to locate her. Police received another update from County Control, stating that the caller would be outside to waive police down. Police went up and down Maple Avenue two more times slowly, but never made contact with the caller. Upon making contact, via phone, she said the woman had been picked up right before she called 911 and was dropped off at apartments in Sandy Township.
  • Police were dispatched to the Hitching Post for an intoxicated man who was being disorderly. The caller, an employee, said she was concerned for the well-being of a highly intoxicated man looking for his vehicle in the parking lot. When police arrived, they located him sitting inside of his vehicle in the parking lot with the engine running. Upon making contact and speaking with the man, he was non-coherent and disoriented. He could not answer any questions appropriately. Furthermore, he had no idea where he lived or where he was. Due to this level of disorientation, police believed he needed to be treated medically. AmServ DuSan arrived and took him to the emergency room for medical treatment.


Bike stolen

Ridgway Borough police are investigating the theft of a black 20-inch Mongoose BMX bicycle from the property of Brandon Kreckel along Montmorenci Road. The theft allegedly occurred between 9 p.m. Sunday and 11 a.m. Monday. The bike was missing a right-hand grip and has five-spoke aluminum wheels. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police department.

  • Police are investigating a retail theft that allegedly occurred July 26 at Elk County Foods, located at 1 Baker Alley. According to police, around 3:28 p.m., a took several items of merchandise from the store without paying for them.
  • Police are investigating an incident involving counterfeit currency. According to police, around 8:30 p.m. July 25, a man tried to use counterfeit money at a food vendor stand at the Ridgway Carnival Grounds, located along North Broad Street.
  • Police say charges are pending against a 14-year-old boy after a man who found a backpack at the West End Park along West Main Street discovered drug paraphernalia inside.

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