Stamp bags

Shown are the baggies police say contain fentanyl, stamped with a red beetle and blue thumbs-up. Other bags may also contain the deadly substance.

Photo submitted

PUNXSUTAWNEY — State Police at Punxsutawney issued a warning on Friday afternoon about a batch of potentially lethal heroin that has “flooded” the area and resulted in one death.

At the time the press release was issued Friday afternoon, four overdoses had occurred in the past 48 hours — three overdoses were in Clearfield County and one was in Clarion County.

One overdose was fatal. Three individuals were revived.

According to police, baggies that are stamped with a red beetle or a blue thumbs-up are either fentanyl being sold as heroin or heroin with fentanyl as an additive. However, others are likely to be discovered, police say.

Police issued the notice to inform “the public as well as the drug user to be aware that our area is being flooded with a deadly cocktail that will cause an overdose which will most likely lead to death.”

Fentanyl is powerful narcotic pain medication similar to but more potent than morphine.

From early April 2005 through late March 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated over 1,000 individuals had died from Fentanyl overdose and misuse.

Anyone who has information regarding the source of the deadly substance and/or other dangerous drugs is asked to contact their local police.

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