Students who are members of the Interact Club at the DuBois Area High School spent some time recently sprucing up their school.

In particular, they thought the school’s 12 restrooms could use a makeover. So when it came time for a fresh coat of paint, they decided to add a fresh perspective and turned them into havens of peace, inspiration and motivation.

“We’ve basically been working after school and all day, every day, for 14 days straight and haven’t really stopped,” said Kailey Pisani.

Special recognition goes to the Interact Club officers for their dedication and leadership throughout the entire project, which would be Pisani, Jimmy Oberlin, Chelsea DeSalve and Alexander Volpe.

“We would like to also acknowledge multiple businesses for their support of their project from monetary donations to discounts and then food,” said Pisani. “That was basically our big motivation to get through every day, was we always had pizza or wings waiting for us down in the Home Economic rooms. We’re very grateful for that.”

April Weber, of Weber Decorative Finishes, guided the club and provided a lot of her expert advice, supplies, and hard work and time, said Pisani.

“There were a lot of times where we weren’t sure we were going to finish certain bathrooms and, luckily, she was always there to help us out with anything that we needed. So we’re really grateful for her help,” Pisani said.

On the front of some of the stalls in a girls room, inspirational words and sayings were added such as, “Your mistakes don’t define you,” so that everyone entering would leave feeling empowered and loved.

Other restrooms feature different themes, including sports- or theater-related and rock-and-roll, while others depict familiar characters such as SpongeBob, Mario Kart or Batman.

The Interact Club, sponsored by the DuBois Rotary, has been in existence at the high school for two years.

“The restrooms look fabulous,” said Dean of Students Chuck Pasternak. “The creativity of each of these students as well as their desire to make a positive and lasting impact on our school is extraordinary. I am very appreciative of the effort and dedication of Mrs. Jen Buskirk and Mrs. Gretchen Javens in leading this wonderful initiative.”

Substitute Superintendent Wendy Benton said she sincerely appreciates the leadership of Javens and Buskirk and the student members of the Rotary Interact Club.

“This is just one of the many positive contributions that this group has made to our school and community,” said Benton. “The restroom project is a great way to showcase the talents of our students and provide a sense of inspiration to all who enter. When the kids shared their project idea with me, I never imagined it would be so extensive. The artwork has truly transformed the spaces. Projects like this empower the students to take ownership of their school and it promotes a culture where it’s all about the kids.”

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