DASD board meeting

DuBois Area School Board met recently. Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton addressed how curriculum ideas are progressing for the fifth graders to move into the middle school. At the podium is School Police Officer In Charge Janice Bart.

DuBOIS — Curriculum for fifth-graders at the DuBois Area Middle School beginning the 2018-19 school year was detailed by Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton at last week’s board meeting.

This year, fifth-graders have physical education, music, art, and library. Next year’s fifth-graders will have the eight different encore classes, or practical art classes, Benton said. One course still has to be determined — wellness 1 or journalism 1, which is contingent upon enrollment because the district is committed to using the staff is available and the certifications that are available.

“The last thing we would want to do is furlough individuals to seek certifications of another. Those are two courses that the team feels very strongly would be greatly beneficial to our students,” Benton said. “As we continue to develop these courses, we can share a little bit more of the details as to what those would look like.”

The district staff has been working to develop teams to set priorities, focus their energy and resources, strengthen their operations and ensure that everyone is working toward that common vision of a 5 to 8 middle school, Benton said.

She said an in-service day was held recently and the district has developed 17 different curriculum rating teams.

“Hearing the feedback from our parents and even some of the students, we know how some kids were really worried about missing recess, so we have a team that’s going to focus on creative ways for students to be active,” Benton said. This team will be called: “Better Than Recess” and will focus on developing creative ways for students to be active.

There will be two different transition teams — Transition I (today through Aug. 28) and Transition II (Aug. 28-Sept. 28). Transition I will develop a plan to prepare students for the transition to the middle school. Transition II will focus on a plan for success during the first month of school by developing the following programs: Success in 5th and Success in 6th.

“One team will focus on what can we do starting today until that first day of school,” Benton said. “Then transition two is going to really be developing programs. We’re going to call them success in 5th and success in 6th and really working with the kids to make sure that they’re first month of middle school is a success.”

Tentative Transition Days are as follows:

  • 5th and 8th Grade Transition Day – Friday, May 10
  • 4th Grade Transition Day – Friday, May 18

Proposed Agenda:

  • 9:30-10:00 Load buses and travel to new school
  • 10:00-1:30 School visit including lunch
  • 1:30-2:30 Load buses and travel back to home school

A team will draft a proposal for an innovative approach to orientation and open house.

Another team, Elementary Traditions & Student Clubs, will research and identify the cherished elementary traditions and determine which ones can be incorporated into 5th grade at the middle school. This team will generate club ideas specific to fifth- and sixth-graders.

Another team, Intervention & Enrichment, will develop a plan to maximize student achievement during enrichment.

Another team, Transition for New Staff will focus on the development of an action plan to successfully transition new staff members to DAMS.

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