DuBOIS — Second and third grade students in the DuBois Area School District participated in a non-traditional career fair Friday at Wasson Elementary called Careers on Wheels.

“Careers On Wheels is an exciting version of the traditional career fair, but it differs in that participants bring their company vehicles to showcase and to use for their 12-minute mini-career presentations,” said Anne Young, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment.

“Our goal is to create an engaging environment that will help to showcase careers in our community,” Young said.

Each classroom was assigned to the various stations. All of the students had the opportunity to visit each vehicle in their station and to learn about different local career opportunities.

The stations included: Sandy Township Volunteer Fire Department; Reynoldsville Borough Police; Pennsylvania State Police; United States Postal Service; Kurtz Brothers; Kennis Farms; DuSAN Ambulance; Gary and Sons; UPS; Firehouse Pizza and Coldwell Banker Developac Realty.

Metz, the school’s food service provider, gave students a healthy, peanut free, snack and drink.

Following the event, all teachers were to instruct students to complete a Careers on Wheels reflection. Once completed, all reflections were to be submitted to the school librarian, who will file the Careers on Wheels artifacts until the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Next year, all students will be required to create and to have a Career Portfolio with Career Artifacts. These reflections will count as one of the state-required artifacts, Young said.

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