DuBOIS — The DuBois Area School District has a new website.

There is a new domain name which is the web address to get there, according to Information Technology Director Dan Brocious.

“It is just,” said Brocious, noting it is much shorter than the previous one.

That web address will take people to the new district homepage.

“It looks kind of similar to the old district homepage, but there are new colors and schemes and things like that,” he said.

The photograph on the homepage will change.

“We have new banner picture that we’re working on, hopefully we will get that posted, not next week, but the week after inservice days,” said Brocious.

Superintendent Luke Lansberry said the district’s faculty has been encouraged on Thursday to come to the high school in their black and red.

“We’re going to go out on the field and use a drone and take an aerial shot of everyone from the district, circle around the ‘D’ on the turf,” Lansberry said. “I think it will be a great shot for the front of the website. Hopefully everybody will wear their black and red and we’ll get it.”

“There is a search bar. You can search for anything that is on our website, just by clicking there,” Brocious said. “If you scroll down here, a little bit of basic information, a message from Dr. Lansberry and latest news on the side. This is just a very brief overview of the new section. There is actually an entire news page that you can go onto to get more, but the top highlights are listed there along with a little snapshot of upcoming events which are also highlighted on the calendar portion.”

There are also options listed such as an “About us” page, different options about the district and administration, meeting schedules, list of board policies and school directors information.

“You all get bombarded with emails created from here that will just all filter into our system that we have now,” said Brocious. “The other thing that’s cool though is you selected straight right to the score information, registration, a lot of things that people look for very frequently, such as schools, direct contacts going straight to the schools’ names, principals. These will go directly to your emails, so people can get in touch with you right away.”

The district website will have additional departments listed, including athletics and federal programs.

“We were originally planning to go live with this (Friday), but because we decided to add those extra departments, we’re going to actually push that back to Monday (today),” said Brocious.

“It’s very fast and responsive for everyone. They can get to where they are going very quickly, without having to do a lot of clicks like the existing website,” Brocious said.

Under the events tab is the expanded news page. “People will see things expand off of the page of the highlight, with a lot of information there. Each and every level of school, high school and middle school, has their own news page. To keep costs down, the four elementary schools were combined into one website, with multiple pages underneath the website,” he said.

“They still have their own individual sections, but this is all under one website and really cut our costs,” said Brocious.

Under events is the calendar, which allows viewers to select information they want to see and what’s relevant, whether it’s school level or just the specific school, and they can press a button to subscribe.

“They can make this right for their phone or their email client or anything like that,” he said.

Board President Patty Fish said a few months ago, directors approved a new “board docs” page and asked Brocious to explain how fits into the new website.

Brocious said staff is still training to roll out the “board docs,” which will include agendas as well as the meeting schedule. When viewers click on it, it will take them directly to the board docs page and the meeting minutes will be available there as well, he said.

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