Nicole Hill and Aundalynn Aljoe

DuBois Area Middle School teacher Nicole Hill and her student, Aundalynn Aljoe, talk about the Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair at the DuBois Area School Board meeting Thursday. Aljoe won first place in the Digital Movie Category.

DuBOIS — Student Aundalynn Aljoe was recognized at Thursday’s DuBois Area School Board meeting for placing first in the Digital Movie Category of the Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair.

Nicole Hill, who teaches technology integration and application at the DuBois Area Middle School, said the annual competition highlights Pennsylvania middle school students’ application skills and computer knowledge. Students are able to unleash their creativity, learn how to convey information more dynamically, and enhance the learning process, she said.

“My students, of course are in the video category,” Hill said. “Last year, I had a student submit an animation as well. But it is a very lengthy process. They have a lot of guidelines that they have to follow. They have to submit all of their planning, the storyboard, everything that they do. There can be no copyrighted material in their project. It has to be completely their own work, or they have to have a credit to the author, or something along the lines of allowing them to use that piece.”

At the competition at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Aljoe said competitors set up their boards so their projects could be judged.

“Then we had to leave so that they could do that,” Aljoe said. “We went into the recording studio that they have on campus and we got to go in and listen to music and it was a really cool experience. And then they had another project for us to do, we got to work with these really nice expensive cameras and we got to shoot another short video there that day, and we got to work with different editing software than we hadn’t been used to. It was definitely a good experience.”

Aljoe’s winning video, which she showed to the board, was entitled, “What’s your worth?”

The video stated:

“How much is a dollar bill worth? If I take that dollar and crimple it up, is it still worth the same amount? Just like if a person has glasses or braces, if a dollar is crumpled, ripped, or written on it still holds the same worth. Everyone has a different past, the things that we have gone through shape our future. They make us special but not inferior to others. How we look, our interests, the way we dress, and what we believe all make us unique. But they don’t make someone any less of a person. So whether you have blue eyes, or brown, accept the differences in the people around you and dare to differ.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to be able to go to the competition and this is something that gives them a real life experience and things that they don’t get in the classroom,” said Hill.

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