DuBOIS — The public got to know the DuBois City Police Department a little better during a “Discussion and Donuts” open house held Sunday.

Selena Price, a lecturer for the Administration of Justice program at Penn State DuBois, said she is talking to her class about the concepts of community and how justice policy and programming ties in with the criminal justice system.

She required that her students reach out to one of the components of the criminal justice system — police, courts or corrections — to try to get back to the community, get them involved and try to be more transparent.

“We’ve reached out to the DuBois Police Department,” said Price. “They were willing to create an event with us, so that’s how it all started. I am requiring my students to get involved, just try to maybe tie the gap between the community and the police and also allow the community to ask questions that the police may want them to know that they don’t understand the everyday duties of a police officer.”

“We’re trying to bridge that gap, build a better connection, a rapport, with the community and also allow the opportunity for transparency for the police department, to let the community know that they do care, they do have a very serious and dangerous job, that they are there for the community, the public, and to let them know that they do care,” Price said. “We’re hoping this project will do that.”

Approximately 25 people attended Sunday’s event.

Police Chief Blaine Clark and Assistant Chief Dustin Roy, along with several other members of the police department, met with residents, answered their questions and toured the police station located at 16 W. Scribner Ave.

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