Playing a game in class

Students in Henry Truman’s room at the DuBois Area Middle School play a matching game with Luke Lansberry on the classroom PolyVision board. Looking on are Robert Kriner, Director of Special Education, Josh Temchulla, Supervisor of Special Education, and Torie Sedor, Supervisor of Special Education.

DuBOIS — After talking with members of the DuBois Area School District’s special education department about its needs, Superintendent Luke Lansberry decided to give back.

He recently presented Director of Special Education Services Robert Kriner a personal check for $500 to use towards purchasing technology for the department.

“Technology plays an integral part in all of our programs,” Kriner said. “Our students benefit from technology in many ways. We have been fortunate over the last several years to have a variety of local organizations donate money that we have put towards further developing the technology in our classrooms. We appreciate Dr. Lansberry’s contribution towards enhancing our ability to purchase new and more updated technology.”

“I often meet with them and we discuss areas of need,” said Lansberry. “Whether it be Chromebooks or iPads for the autistic program. I have given them flexibility to apply it wherever they have a need. We are trying to spread the budget as far as we can and I wanted to give back.”

Lansberry said the children involved with the special education department will benefit directly.

Lansberry said anyone can donate to any part of the school district at any time by contacting the business office or can make donations to the DuBois Area School District Alumni and Education Foundation that is a 501c3 organization.

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