Jenn Ficentise

Jenn Ficentise, owner of Raven Moon's Oracle in downtown DuBois, is focused on bringing people spiritual healing, togetherness and comfort.

Jenn Ficentise has a passion for creating things that help people feel better and live better lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ficentise says the name of her shop, “Raven Moon's Oracle,” on West Long Avenue in DuBois goes back more than 20 years. “Raven” is, she said, the spiritual name behind what she creates.

The downtown shop opened in October of 2017. Ficentise is originally from Brooklyn, New York, where she had a website-based business of similar products. For three years after moving to DuBois, she had a spot in Kreative Kreations.

“I outgrew that space, (though), and built my own base in DuBois,” she said. “I’ve had this dream for 20 years, to own a metaphysical, spiritual shop.”

Everything she creates in the back room of the West Long Avenue shop is organic and natural, and has a deep meaning behind it, Ficentise said, such as soy candles and “blessing” candles, essential oils and sprays, good-luck charms, crystals and ritual oils for good fortune and healing.

“I stand behind everything here,” she said.

Ficentise said she also brings in local artists and consigners she trusts and supports.

The dimly-lit shop is supposed to be an “escape” for people looking for peace and quiet or just guidance, she adds.

She grew up around people of many different cultures, Ficentise said, and began creating to experiment with things like herbs and energy. She’s been making soy candles for more than 25 years.

“I got into all of this for myself,” she said. “I’m thankful people find guidance in my words.”

Ficentise, a tarot card reader, holds appointments and offers wisdom from spiritual guides with whom she says she connects.

The area has a large spiritual community, she adds, who have been very supportive. RMO hosts monthly classes, such as essential oils and crystal therapy, as well as gatherings that acknowledge different times or observations of the year.

“I’ve always wanted a space for the community to come and enjoy and talk without judgement,” she said.

The shop also carries items like herbal bundles, incense, dried herbs, books, chimes and crystal lamps.

“I love being able to create a place for people to leave their stresses behind,” she says.

She enjoys it when someone visits the shop and leaves with something that will impact their lives for the better, Ficentise said.

“I’m creating things that help people in some way, and that’s all I want to do.”

For more information, visit RMO on Facebook, or call 814-594-1863.

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