Students at the DuBois Area Middle School used duct tape to attach Principal Darren Hack and Assistant Principal Michael Maholtz to the gymnasium wall Wednesday in support of reading.

The school held two assemblies in which students in grades fifth through sixth and seventh through eighth received pieces of tape for the number of books they read. For example, five books equaled five pieces of tape.

The students then used that tape to tape both principals to the wall.

The students read the books during the third nine weeks period of the school year, according to English teacher Sarah Curry.

The younger students taped Maholtz to the wall during a morning assembly, while the older students taped Hack in the afternoon.

Curry said there was no goal for the reading project, but the students read a total of 800 books.

The goal was to “read as much as they could in the third nine weeks,” said Curry.

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