The DuBois Area School Board in a special meeting last week acted to hire four new employees.

Hired, effective with the 2019-2020 school year, were:

  • Jennifer Skarbek, as a librarian at a salary, as per contract, at Step 1, Year 4.
  • Anne Harmon as a special education instructor at a salary, as per contract, at Step 1, Year 4.
  • William Hanzely as a technology education (industrial arts) instructor at a salary, as per contract, at Step 1, Year 1.
  • Gina Schneider as an elementary instructor at a salary, as per contract, at Step 1, Year 1.

Superintendent Wendy Benton thanked the board for providing the administration the opportunity to hold a special meeting.

“I am so confident in these successful candidates,” said Benton, adding that she believes they will all be a “fantastic addition to our team.”

Benton said administrators conducted very intense interviews throughout last week.

“Also, the fact that you know this is part of our job and what we do, so I want to thank our students that participated in the interviews,” said Benton. “It makes a huge difference whenever you can see the teacher interact with the students. And after they teach their lessons, part of the administrative team took the teacher aside, and they reflect upon the effectiveness of their lesson and then the other part of the administration, we take the students and we talk to the kids about the strength of the lesson, about the strength of the educator, and what the comments and concerns and the perceptions of our students are, it’s really amazing.”

Benton said the students were excited to be a part of the interviewing process.

“I just want to thank the students as well, for participating and being part of the selection process. I just think it’s imperative that we do that,” said Benton.

“I think that speaks to the individuals that interviewed and weren’t selected (as well),” said Human Resource Director Edd Brady. “We had to pick the best of the group and that doesn’t mean those who weren’t hired, would never work here. That’s the process that can make it difficult when there are multiple candidates that are really good because those kids wouldn’t want to participate all day long if there weren’t multiple people that were engaging. So I hope those who didn’t get chosen continue (to apply).”

Board President Larry Salone said he thinks it’s a “great step forward” to involve the students in the interview process.

“We also made sure that the lessons that were presented were relevant and an extension of the curriculum now,” said Benton. “We told the candidate where we were in the curriculum so that they would make sure that the lesson was relevant to what they were learning and progress naturally throughout the curriculum that the board has approved for them.”

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