DuBOIS — DuBois City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio is reminding property owners to trim trees, bushes and shrubs on their properties that intrude into streets and alleys.

“The overgrown and unkempt trees and bushes hamper the police driving down these roads, ambulances, garbage trucks, fire trucks, and overall the city crew trucks,” said Suplizio. “It really hinders us when we’re trying to do our work.”

Suplizio said it is also a nuisance for the residents who are driving in those areas when trees, limbs and shrubs are encroaching on the road.

The council also brought up the issue at a recent meeting.

“We’re asking the residents and the homeowners and the people that live there to cut, do the trimming, and get it back far enough off the roadway,” said Suplizio. “If this does not happen, then the city has to take time out of their busy schedule to go out and do it, and we are not tree trimmers. We’re not professionals, so you may not like how we trim them back. So we’re asking all the residents to do the right thing and get them trimmed back.”

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