A “bigger than life” wings mural designed by art students in the secondary art department of DuBois Central Catholic now greets shoppers at the DuBois Mall.

Under the direction of Cheyenne Helman, DCC’s middle and high art teacher, two different designs were carefully prepared by the students and the unique qualities of each were then incorporated into the final design.

Helman said that the project came about after management at the mall asked her students to paint the windows for Christmas 2018.

In hopes of doing the same this year, Helman emailed the mall to see if that was a possibility. In response, mall officials requested a mural instead, which Helman thought was even better, she said.

The theme, she said, was developed by the management at the mall, who were inspired by an artist who does large scale pieces with which people take selfies in large cities.

“The overall goal of the project is to encourage shoppers and the community to visit the wings and take photos with them to post to social media,” Helman said. That is why the hashtags and @ symbol underneath the quote at the top are also included. (#DuBoisMallPA and @DuBoisMallPA)

Helman said the project took about 2 1/2 days.

“Before painting, I had my students each create two sketches,” said Helman. “Then we critiqued them and decided what we would like to include, and how we should do it. We combined two of my students’ ideas to come up with the design that was painted.”

Helman said the students were “extremely excited” about working on the project.

“I don’t think they realized how much they would enjoy it, or how it would really turn out, until they visually were able to see what a masterpiece was unfolding in front of them,” she said. “The students all worked so very hard, and truly made a piece to be proud of. I had a total of 20 students, and to have that many students working diligently all at once was really amazing to watch. They also had to incorporate a lot of math and measuring, as well as helping each other decide what looked good, and how to implement it. Overall, the painting turned out fantastic, and I could not be more proud of these students.”

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