DuBOIS — Students from DuBois Central Catholic School will be able to participate in the DuBois Area High School gymnastics program this year.

Last week, the DuBois Area School Board authorized the DuBois Area School District Athletic Department to enter into a cooperative agreement for gymnastics with DCC for the 2018-19 school year following the requirements and regulations set by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).

DASD Superintendent Luke Lansberry said Wednesday that Athletic Director Chuck Ferra has been working closely with the athletic director at DuBois Central Catholic on the agreement. He said there are at least two DCC students who are interested and plan to participate.

“The athletic directors have completed and submitted the required PIAA paperwork and received approval from the board of directors,” Lansberry said. “We are excited about the opportunity to work closely together for the upcoming season. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with DCC and we are committed to enhancing our relationship because more students in our community win when we work collaboratively together. At the end of the day, it’s really all about helping students and their families. We take great pride in making sure that we take full advantage of every opportunity to help them.”

“I am so excited to be able to work with the DuBois School District on this co-op for gymnastics,” said DCC Headmaster Gretchen Caruso. “It’s a great opportunity for DCC and I am so appreciative to the DuBois School District for working with us. I hope this is the beginning of a great partnership between our schools.”

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