Map cover

Shown is a cover of a map available at the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce office on Beaver Drive, DuBois.

DuBOIS — It’s time once again for the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce to update its maps, according to Executive Director Jodi August.

When a map project was first brought up to August, she said she thought surely people aren’t still using maps with GPS technology being so prevalent.

“However, our office goes through almost 2,000 local maps each year,” August said. “We also send tourism information to local visitors centers and visitor sites along Interstate 80 to help drive additional traffic toward our area.”

One of the things the Chamber does is prepare “welcome bags” for all of the out-of-town baseball players and their families who come to the area to play in Little League games.

“Hopefully, it entices them to come back to the area,” August said.

August said the office sees a lot of people who stop by for maps each week.

“Our maps are pretty large and we cover 14 municipalities,” August said.

Lots of people visiting Treasure Lake during the summer months like to have the Chamber’s maps because they also include the road names, all of the golf shops, wineries and other tourism attractions.

“People use it for hiking, yard sales,” she said.

The Visitors Bureau in Lancaster just asked the Chamber if it could send them a box of a hundred maps, she noted.

“It’s great for tourism and great for relocation,” August said.

With the demand, August said the map project will continue and more maps are being ordered.

She wants members to know that if they get a call from a representative of Centre Publications, he call is legitimate.

“There are so many scams out there that we want our members to feel safe knowing that we’ve done our homework with this member and they can create us a quality piece,” August said. “That’s the only company that we use.”

For more information about the Chamber map project, call the office at 814-371-5010 or Centre Publications at 800-200-5375. Centre Publications is a member of the Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce.

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