DuBois Dream to play in The Basketball Tournament

Albert Louis Varacallo III, owner of the DuBois Dream basketball team, is shown with Shea McKinney, 8, and her mom, Misty. One of the causes the DuBois Dream team will be playing for when it makes it to The Basketball Tournament is Shea, who has been a friend of the team and battling cancer all year.

DuBOIS — It’s official. For the second consecutive year, the DuBois Dream team will be competing in a national basketball tournament called, “The Basketball Tournament.”

DuBois Dream has qualified once again for The Basketball Tournament, a $2 million winner-take-all basketball event which will be aired on the ESPN Network starting July 8. The winner of the tournament, a 5-on-5, single elimination competition, takes home a grand prize of $2 million. A total of 64 total teams enter the tournament in four regions and the DuBois Dream region tournament is being held in Philadelphia.

Before the DuBois Dream team got its chance to compete in the tournament, it needed votes. The nine teams in each region with the most votes by June 1 were entered into the competition.

DuBois attorney Albert Louis Varacallo III, a former star basketball player at DuBois Central Catholic and semi-professional basketball player who entered DuBois Dream into the national basketball tournament, expressed his appreciation to people in the DuBois Area.

“Thank you DuBois and the entire DuBois Dream fanbase for the incredible support you’ve shown to help us get into The Basketball Tournament for the second year in a row,” Varacallo said. “I am completely humbled by the outpouring of kind words and encouragement day in and day out, and I could not be more proud to be a part of such a loving community.”

Varacallo said the DuBois Area is truly a special place — that was proven not only during the DuBois Dream team’s inaugural Premier Basketball League season, but also throughout the voting process. DuBois Dream finished No. 3 in the Northeast Region and No. 7 overall in the entire country with more than 1,450 votes.

“We set out on this next journey and basketball adventure to not only get better as a team but to help the community and some great causes in our area,” Varacallo said.

The DuBois Dream team now has a chance at winning $2 million for several community causes — The Dr. Albert Varacallo Foundation; Caring and Sharing for Kids, which helps local seriously ill children with their needs; Shea McKinney, a young girl from DuBois Central Catholic School who is battling cancer; and the Miracle Field project in DuBois.

{span}The official TBT{/span}{span} bracket has not been posted yet, but we DuBois Dream will be playing on July 8 at {/span}{a id=”js_1co” class=”profileLink” href=”https://www.facebook.com/PhiladelphiaU/?fref=mentions” data-hovercard=”/ajax/hovercard/page.php?id=8337393317&extragetparams=%7B%22fref%22%3A%22mentions%22%7D” data-hovercard-prefer-more-content-show=”1”}Philadelphia University{/a}{span} with the game time and opponent to be determined on June 20.{/span}

“Not only will we be able to play for $2 million for our community and causes, but we will also be doing it on a national stage on the ESPN Network,” Varacallo said. “I can’t thank DuBois and our DuBois Dream fans enough for all that they have done for us. We are going to continue giving back and giving it our all moving forward. Bigger and better things are coming and I am looking forward to playing for DuBois, and our DuBois Dream fans again this summer as we take on some of the top talent in the world in The Basketball Tournament.”

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