DuBOIS — The DuBois Mall is under new management.

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. or JLL, a commercial real estate firm, has been court-appointed to be the receiver of the DuBois Mall, which was previously owned by an investment group with multiple investors, JLL Acting General Manager Tony Stephens said Tuesday. The new management firm company took over Jan. 18.

“As such, we are going to be leasing the mall and managing the mall,” Stephens said. “It’s important for the community to know the mall is open and we are ready for business.”

JLL is the largest third party manager across malls and shopping centers throughout the country, Stephens said.

“From a leasing standpoint, it helps us look to find the right tenant mix with the mall,” Stephens said. “We are leveraging our relationships to drum up interest in the mall here.”

Over the last couple of weeks, Stephens said he senses from the local community that it supports the mall.

Leasing deals with companies is a “process,” Stephens said.

“They are not done overnight, but we have been in contact with a lot of retailers,” said Stephens, declining to comment on which ones those might be.

Stephens said he has met with current mall tenants.

“We feel communication is very vital. They have to understand what we are and that we are hard at work,” Stephens said. “We are listening to the tenants and their ideas and concerns and working with the tenants to make it work here.”

He urged the community to spend its dollars at the DuBois Mall. In addition, JLL is very strong on community events.

“We are anxious to launch those with the community. We are anxious to hear their thoughts on the mall,” Stephens said. He urged residents to visit with him at the mall.

“Basically, the retail community has to be supported by the citizens at large,” Stephens said. “We’re here, we’re doing business and we plan on keeping doing business.”

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