A 38-year-old DuBois man has been charged with attempting to flee police in the course of a traffic stop off Robinson Street in the City of DuBois, according to a criminal complaint filed with District Judge Patrick Ford of DuBois.

DuBois City Police have charged Bobby Ray Dehart, Shaffer Avenue, DuBois, with a misdemeanor count of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, summary charges of driving while operating privileges are suspended or revoked, driving an unregistered vehicle, operating a vehicle without a valid inspection, operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility, fraudulent use/removal of a registration plate, accidents involving damage to unattended vehicle or property and abandoning a vehicle on a highway.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a police officer was on patrol on June 2, traveling east in a marked patrol vehicle. The officer drove past Kirk Alley and noticed a black Ford Ranger pickup truck preparing to pull onto West Long Avenue. The officer reportedly noticed the vehicle had an expired inspection as of December 2018.

The police officer drove past the vehicle, and observed it was driven by a lone male. Eventually, the police activated emergency lights on the patrol vehicle off of Robinson Street in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The driver then opened the driver’s side door and jumped out of the moving vehicle before running across a parking lot toward the church on Robinson Street, the affidavit said. As he exited the vehicle, he left the vehicle in gear and was still running while the empty vehicle continued to travel north on Kirk Alley.

Clearfield County Control was advised of the situation. The police officer stayed with the vehicle because he was not sure where it was going to stop and if it was going to strike something, the affidavit said.

The police officer was also able to watch the man running across Robinson Street toward the church, then through the parking lot and behind the church as if he was heading toward Hill Street. The vehicle continued down the alley until it struck the rear end of a parked white Hummer that was legally parked on the right side of the road behind Evergreen Street, the affidavit said.

The officer was eventually able to catch up with the vehicle and put it into park, but, in the meantime, lost sight of the driver when he went behind the church. Sandy Township Police responded to assist city police in locating the man.

Later, the police went to the Shaffer Avenue residence of a woman who was the registered owner of the truck. She reportedly told them she used to own the truck but she gave it to a person she once dated named Bobby Lee. She reportedly told officers he probably took the registration from her house without her permission.

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Later that night, police called the woman to see if she heard anything from the man. She told them he had texted her saying, ‘call me,’ but she did not respond. She then told the police she believed his real name was Bobby Dehart and he was originally from Ohio.

On June 18, the police stopped by the Shaffer Avenue residence and made contact with the woman. She advised the police that he was upstairs in the bedroom, the affidavit said. She was advised to go get him because the police needed to talk to him.

Officers talked to Dehart outside and he provided them with an Ohio ID. When asked about the night in question, He allegedly told police the impending traffic stop frightened him and he didn’t want to deal with it that night. He reportedly admitted to driving and fleeing from the police. He reportedly said he forgot to put the vehicle in park when he got out of it.

It reportedly was determined that Dehart’s license was suspended out of Ohio. When asked about his current address, Dehart told the police he didn’t have one and that a good mailing address was the Shaffer Avenue address.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 2 at Ford’s office.

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