DuBOIS — Shane Cullen Marshall, 60, DuBois, waived his right to a preliminary hearing Friday before District Judge Patrick Ford of DuBois. He is charged with one misdemeanor count of terroristic threats with the intent to terrorize another and one misdemeanor count of assault.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed at Ford’s office, Sandy Township Police were called to Marshall’s residence because he was “freaking out and threatening to kill (his wife) and her dogs.”

Officers Erik A. Rupp, Scott Johnson and Travis Goodman arrived on the scene, with Johnson arriving just moments before the other officers. Johnson told the other officers that he heard a “pop” sound that resembled a small caliber gunshot coming from the wooded area to the rear of the residence. At that point, the wife pulled into the driveway and asked what was going on. The police told her that a woman had reported a domestic incident situation at the address. The wife told officers that the woman was her mother and that she called her and told her that her husband was threatening to kill her.

According to the affidavit, Marshall communicated directly to his wife that he was going to commit a crime of violence, namely choke her and kill her and her dogs, with the intent of terrorizing her. The wife told the police that her husband has been physically and mentally abusive to her in the past. She said she was in fear that he would act out his threats and said she believed he would try to kill her or seriously hurt her.

Marshall was released from jail after posting $10,000 non-monetary bail on Aug. 16.

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