Sarah MacCready

Sarah “S.E” MacCready is pictured holding her two published books, “Gifted” and “Talented.”

DuBOIS — Author and DuBois native Sarah MacCready, who goes by “S.E. MacCready,” just released the second book in a trilogy, with plans to release the third this fall.

MacCready wrote songs as a child, starting multiple bands with her group of friends. The songs transitioned into poetry, then novels. It wasn’t until she went to college at the University of Pittsburgh that she determined it was possible for her to have a creative-writing career.

In an unusual circumstance for authors, MacCready wrote her first two novels — “Talented” and “Gifted” — from her cell phone.

“I needed to keep writing, even when I didn’t have access to a computer,” she said.

It was tough, MacCready added, since writing a 140,000-word book takes much longer than typing text messages.

MacCready has enjoyed being an independent author, having control over the lengthy publishing process, she said.

“I choose my cover, I hire my editor and control when, and how often, my books are released,” she said. “I write the story I want, on a schedule I control. It’s difficult and exhausting, but so, so rewarding — the product is entirely mine.”

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MacCready’s trilogy “The Legacy of Cameran Monroe” focuses on a woman who has been turned into a biological asset for the government, or a “talent,” discovering she is a superhuman, MacCready said. “Gifted” follows a new protagonist named Marie, one of the scientists behind the operation. The third, “Special,” will reveal the consequences of being superhuman.

“The books aren’t based on real-life experiences but in a way represent a girl who lost everything, who now has to figure out where she fits in this new world,” MacCready said. “I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling.”

MacCready sets aside time to write each day during her 2-year-old daughter, Lila’s, nap time.

“I want to show her you can be a mother and a writer,” she said. “You don’t have to give up your dreams because your life gets a little busier — you just adjust them to include the new, important people in your life. She is part of my dream now.”

MacCready is working to create the audiobooks for her triology. After she finishes “Special,” she plans to dive into a climate fiction novel.

“And after that, who knows?” she said. “All I do know is that I won’t stop writing.”

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