John "Herm" Suplizio

DuBois City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio announced Thursday that the city is the recipient of a $490,000 state Department of Community and Economic Development grant, which will help make improvements to the Tannery Dam area located on Lakeview Drive, DuBois.

DuBOIS — A $490,000 state Department of Community and Economic Development grant has been awarded the City of DuBois to make several improvements in the Tannery Dam area.

“The City of DuBois is pleased to announce that we have secured another grant, which will be used for a restroom, sidewalk and lighting at the Tannery Dam,” city Manager John “Herm” Suplizio said Thursday.

“We’re hoping to have enough money to be able to put in a sidewalk on Lakeview Drive over to the bridge that connects to Lakeside Avenue,” said Suplizio. “This is another very nice area where people walk, and we’d like that to continue by being able to get some sidewalks near Tannery Dam.”

None of this happens without the help of state Sen. Joe Scarnati, along with his staff members, Mark Adams and Greg Mahon, said Suplizio.

“Without a doubt, they are true friends of the City of DuBois and the DuBois area,” said Suplizio. “Without their help, this grant would not have been possible. They have been true godsends for our entire area.”

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Suplizio also expressed appreciation to city Engineer Chris Nasuti and city Redevelopment Director Joe Mitchell, as well as to city employees, for their help in seeking the grant.

The city believes the project, which is expected to start in spring or summer of 2020, is necessary because residents have asked for something to be done around the dam.

“The residents have stepped forth, and asked up to, if at all possible, if we could do something over in this area,” said Suplizio. “There is no lighting over there right now, so the lighting will be a big improvement.”

The restroom, which would be similar to the one recently created on the DuBois Walkway, is needed because the Tannery Dam is a popular fishing location, especially at the beginning of the season, said Suplizio.

“I can remember myself, going over when I was a little kid, trying to be one of the first ones there for the first day of fishing. Hundreds and hundreds of people would be there,” said Suplizio.

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