DuBois Regional Airport Manager Bob Shaffer had good news to report at Friday’s Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Airport Authority meeting.

Shaffer said the airport has received a tentative allocation for the Pennsylvania Equipment Grant which he has been discussing for about the last year.

“This is a $75,000 grant that we match with $25,000, and it helps fill a lot of voids that we can’t with other dollars,” said Shaffer.

Some of the equipment that can be purchased with this grant includes a ground power unit, a new computer in the office and air conditioner units.

“Things that we can’t cover any other way are things that we can cover with this grant,” Shaffer said. “It is a long list, and we do exceed the dollar amount, so we’re going to have to look and see ... there’s going to have to be some picking and choosing.”

The finance committee will have the ultimate authority as to what is purchased with the grant money.

“We do have the tentative allocation. We have the schedule filled in, and the next step is a budget,” said Shaffer. “That’s what we’re working on. Once we get that complete and submitted, we get the grant, and then we can draw the dollars, and actually start using some of it. So that’s all a good thing.”

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