DuBOIS — At the DuBois Regional Airport (DUJ), more and more passengers are using Southern Airways Express to fly to Pittsburgh or Baltimore.

As was reported at last month’s airport authority meeting, the month of March saw increases with enplanements (outbound passengers) by 60 percent, compared to March 2017, totaling to 352. Also, the total number of inbound and outbound passengers at DUJ increased by 44 percent to 721.

Comparing January through March 2017 and those same months in 2018, the overall total number of passengers increased 54 percent, from 592 to 912.

With the combination of low fares, high reliability, and other benefits to travelers, such as free parking, DUJ is proving to be a strong asset to the region, for both personal and business travelers, said an authority member.

“The other thing to consider right now is there are a lot of construction zones from DuBois to Pittsburgh on the highways, making it a longer drive, more than two-and-a-half or three hours,” said authority member Dave Brennan. “You could save a lot of time and headache by flying from DUJ to Pittsburgh to catch your flight.”

Reliability in the airline industry refers to how often scheduled flights actually take off and are not delayed or cancelled on the scheduled day of operation. Right now, there are six daily flights scheduled out of DuBois; four to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and two to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). The reliability rate so far this year with Southern Airways Express at DUJ is around 98-99 percent, which means out of 180 scheduled flights in a 30-day month, 176-178 of those are taking off as scheduled. Only one was cancelled in January due to snow.

Flights from DuBois to Pittsburgh or Baltimore range from $29-$59 depending on how far in advance tickets are booked.

For the full schedule of early morning and late afternoon flights to both airports with advanced pricing information, visit www.duboisairport.com or www.iflysouthern.com, or call 800-329-0485, and use airport code DUJ to inquire about flights leaving DuBois.

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