DuBOIS — The DuBois Area School Board approved the purchase of a property on Liberty Boulevard at last week’s meeting.

In a 7-2 vote, directors voted to approve the agreement of sale of the property located at 522 Liberty Boulevard, DuBois, with Margaret S. Osburn and Penny J. Osburn for the purchase price of $240,000. Superintendent Luke Lansberry was also approved to effectuate any or all documents regarding the purchase of the property.

Directors Albert Varacallo, Patty Fish, Larry Salone, Mark Gilga, Sam Armagost, Gilbert Barker and Jeff Madinger Sr. voted in favor of the purchase while David Schwab and Lee Mitchell voted against it.

There was no discussion of what the property will be used for at the meeting.

Monday, Lansberry told the Courier Express that there are no plans for the property at this time.

At its April meeting, the board authorized Lansberry to proceed with the purchase of the property at a cost not to exceed $240,000.

At that meeting, Solicitor Carl Beard said that the purchase of property is a permissible issue that can be discussed in an executive session.

“I do understand it to be the site immediately outside the photo copier room which is right next door,” Beard said. “Schools always have the ability to acquire property. Schools do it all the time.”

If a district is considering expansion or additional parking and property is available at a fair market value, Beard said he considers it to be like beach-front property, an earlier article stated.

“It was nice of the property owner to come to us first and see if we were interested,” Gilga said in the previous article.

“This move ... is basically a no brainer but be aware that we answer to the taxpayers,” Schwab said. “And given that we have given up acres of property for not much more than (this), and we’re buying 3/4 of an acre for $240,000, the public is going to hammer us.”

“I don’t agree at all,” Salone said. “I think we should purchase property property near our campus when we have an opportunity at that price.”

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