DuBOIS — Nine-week practical arts classes for the 2018-9 school year at the DuBois Area Middle School were approved by the DuBois Area School Board at this month’s meeting.

The courses are as follows:

  • Health and First Aid, fifth grade
  • Health and nutrition, sixth grade
  • Food Science and Human Development, seventh grade
  • Fabric and textiles, eighth grade
  • Wellness I or Journalism, fifth grade
  • Wellness II or Journalism, sixth grade
  • Methods in Agriculture and Natural Resources, seventh grade
  • Advanced Methods in Agriculture and Construction, eighth grade
  • Technology Literacy, fifth grade
  • Technology Design, sixth grade
  • Technology Integration, seventh grade
  • Technology Applications, eighth grade
  • Pre-Engineering and Design, fifth grade
  • Principles of Engineering and Design, sixth grade
  • STEAM I: Innovation and Invention, seventh grade
  • STEAM II: Innovation, Invention and Production: Eighth grade
  • 2D Art Applications, fifth grade
  • 2D Art Productions, sixth grade
  • 3D Art Productions, sixth grade
  • 3D Art Productions, eighth grade
  • Rhythm and Movement, fifth grade
  • Multimedia Sound and Instrumental Design, sixth grade
  • Cultural Exploration I: Seventh grade
  • Cultural Exploration II: Eighth grade
  • 21st Century Learning Applications I: Fifth grade
  • 21st Century Learning Applications II: Sixth grade
  • Economics and Financial Literacy: Seventh grade
  • Economica and Entrepreneurship: Eighth grade
  • Leadership Seminar I: Fifth grade
  • Leadership Seminar II: Sixth grade
  • Leadership Seminar III: Seventh grade
  • Leadership Seminar VI: Eighth grade

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