DuBOIS — A 29-year-old DuBois woman has been charged by Sandy Township Police with “huffing” in the restroom of a local restaurant.

Ashley Lynn Heffner, Olive Avenue, DuBois, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of smelling/inhaling toxic releasing substances.

The charges, filed Aug. 2, stem from an incident which occurred on July 25 when police were dispatched to Buck’s Pizza located at 29 Corbet Road, DuBois, for a report of a female overdose patient, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Once inside, Officer Jesse R. Cole saw a member of EMS standing in the doorway of the employee’s bathroom. As Cole approached the bathroom, he saw a female sitting on the bathroom floor conscious and semi-alert. Cole observed an aerosol can of “Ultra Duster” beside her, in her possession. Identified as Heffner, Cole said he asked her “what was going on?”

The affidavit said Heffner appeared to have dulled senses and was disoriented as she had trouble answering simple questions. She did eventually state that she had inhaled the can of duster. At this time, Cole stood to the side and allowed EMS to assess Heffner for medical purposes, she refused medical treatment from EMS.

After EMS finished assessing Heffner, she was placed under arrest for use of a noxious substance, the affidavit said.

Interviewed by police, members of Buck’s staff stated that Heffner had locked herself inside the bathroom for approximately 30-60 minutes. They stated that they were unsure who was actually in the bathroom and they attempted knocking but the occupant would not answer.

Fearing there was a medical emergency, the owner was able to open the bathroom door where they found an employee, Heffner, laying on the floor with a can of duster in her hand, the affidavit said. At that time, they called 911 for an overdose.

While in custody, it was found that Heffner was on probation through Jefferson County. After speaking with the agency over the phone, they wished for Cole to transport her to the Sandy Township Police Department, where they would pick her up in about 45 minutes.

While at the station, Heffner was provided with a cup of water and tissues as she was crying, the affidavit said. While in detention, Heffner consented to speaking with Cole and he asked her to walk him through what happened that night.

Heffner told the police that before work she has been really stressed out and due to a fight she had with her significant other. She reportedly said she went to a store before her shift began, where she bought a can of duster. She then walked from the store to Buck’s Pizza, where she is employed. Prior to the start of her shift, she went to the bathroom and “huffed” the can of duster.

The affidavit stated that Heffner said she has a problem and doesn’t know how to fix it, and sometimes huffs up to 15 cans per day.

Jefferson County Probation did arrive at the station and took Heffner into custody.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Aug. 31 before Ford.

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