DuBOIS — A DuBois woman is facing felony charges as a result of an alleged assault which occurred Oct. 7 in the City of DuBois, according to a criminal complaint filed at District Judge Patrick Ford’s office in DuBois.

On Monday, DuBois City Police charged Ashley Lynn Solida, 33, Locust Street, with felony counts of aggravated assault –attempts to cause or causes serious bodily injury to designated individuals and resisting arrest and summary counts of disorderly conduct while engaged in fighting, criminal mischief –damage property, and criminal trespass/simple trespasser.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, the police were dispatched to a West Weber Avenue residence at 4:01 p.m. Oct. 7 for a report of a woman trying to get into a shed.

Chief Blaine Clark arrived on the scene and spoke with the caller, who stated that Solida reportedly walked up on their property and tried to get into the shed on her property. The caller stated that she allegedly yelled to Solida to get out of there.

The caller then stated that Solida reportedly turned toward her and started to walk toward the porch area, and the two women started a verbal altercation with each other. Solida then reportedly turned and left the property walking toward South Brady Street on South Jared Street, the affidavit said.

All “Department 3” units arrived in the area and tried to locate Solida but were unsuccessful, the affidavit said.

Clark went back to the West Weber residence to have further contact with the caller and to gain more information. At that time, “Department 3” was dispatched to a domestic in progress one block away from where Clark was. The domestic reportedly involved two women, including one with a hammer, the affidavit said.

Upon arrival, Clark could allegedly hear shouting and banging coming from inside the structure, so he entered through the rear entrance of the building, the affidavit said. As he entered, he could see down the long hallway a woman, Solida, holding a hammer in her left hand, and multiple items laying on the floor around her.

As Clark started to walk toward Solida, he reportedly drew his weapon and instructed her to drop the hammer and get on the ground, the affidavit said. Solida allegedly turned toward his direction, threw the hammer on the ground, but allegedly refused to get to the ground.

Clark continued toward Solida demanding that she get on the ground, and she allegedly kept stating, “I’m not getting on the ground.” Clark then holstered his duty weapon, grabbed the woman and placed her on the floor of the hallway so he could detain her, the affidavit said.

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At the time, Solida reportedly started to fight and resist with the officer and his demands, the affidavit said. As Clark was trying to place a cuff on her left wrist, Solida allegedly reached behind his leg with her right hand and grabbed the hammer that she dropped. Clark then reached down with both hands, grabbed the hammer, freed it from her, and threw it down the hallway away from them, the affidavit said.

Clark then reportedly tried to place the cuffs on Solida’s wrists again, but she continued to resist and ignore his commands to put her hands behind her back. Two other officers arrived on scene and assisted with trying to gain control of Solida because she reportedly continued to fight and resist.

One officer told Solida that he would tase her if she would not comply and continued to fight with them, the affidavit said. She continued to fight with them, however, and then the officer allegedly stated to Solida that she was going to be tased, but she still did not comply.

Upon Clark’s directive, the officer placed the taser on Solida’s left shoulder area and performed a short drive stun to her, according to the affidavit. At that point, the officer was able to place her into cuffs behind her back.

Solida was then reportedly walked out of the apartment building by the officer and placed into the rear of another officer’s patrol vehicle, the affidavit said.

An officer brought her belongings out that were strewn about the hallway and checked them for weapons or contraband and ran Solida’s information through Clearfield County Control, the affidavit said.

The officers talked with occupants for statement purposes and took photographs of the damages to the building that Solida allegedly did with the hammer. It was found out that Solida allegedly took the hammer out of a window within the apartment building and used it to try and make entry to another unit by beating on the door.

Clearfield County Control told the police that Solida had an active warrant through the Clearfield County Sheriff’s office so arrangements were made to meet with them and transfer Solida into their custody. Because of her demeanor and behavior, the police transported her to the Rockton Fire Hall, where the transfer was made.

Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 13 at Ford’s office.

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