Pictured is the “Ag Tree of Giving.” Brockway Area School District students are collecting nonperishable food items to donate to the school’s Weekend Backpack Program.

BROCKWAY — If you have 1500 canned goods just lying around, you can both feed a few hungry students and see a chin that has been obscured for decades.

The Brockway Area School District’s ag classes are trying to get nonperishable food items to donate to the school’s Weekend Backpack Program.

“We got our Ag Tree of Giving, and the goal is to put lots of donations under that tree to give to the program,” explained Brockway ag teacher Kyle Norman.

While the ag students would gladly donate, Norman decided to give a little more incentive. Some teachers have put their hair on the line for the fundraiser.

“If we reach a certain number of individual items donated, then heads and beards will be shaved!” Norman said. “At 500, Mr. Matt Holt’s head and beard will be shaved. If we get 750, Mr. Shawn Smith has offered his beard. I will get a buzz cut if we get 1000. And if we get 1500 items, the king of all beards, Mr. Justin Parson, has offered his signature face mane!”

Even though the Christmas tree in the ag room is where the donations will be stored, Norman is not planning on doing any shaving until after the holidays.

“We don’t want any awkward hairless Christmas photos,” he said. “This is a local opportunity to have the students give back to their community.”

The program will run until December 21. Any haircuts or shavings will happen when the ag students return from the Pennsylvania Farm Show next month.

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The ag classes have several donations already, and people around the area have pledged to send in canned foods. The weekend backpack program aims to give weekend meals to students who live in what are called “food-insecure households.” The elementary school started their program two years ago in response to the growing food issues in its school population. Currently, the high school sends 15 backpacks home every week. Through the community as well as student and staff food donations, the backpack program runs throughout the year. It got a jumpstart this year due to a 100 bag donation from Bilo.

Anyone wishing to make donations to the Ag Tree of Giving can drop off donations at the high school.

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