BROCKWAY — Brockway Area School District Superintendent Dan Hawkins announced Tuesday night that he will be retiring from his position at the end of this school year. Hawkins has presided over the district for nine of his last 37 years in education.

Reading from a prepared statement, Hawkins thanked members of the administration and school board past and present, and highlighted the district’s academic achievements.

“The Brockway school district has grown to become a leader in all facets of education,” Hawkins said.

The district, Hawkins said, should be proud of its eight offered advanced placement courses and agricultural workshops. He praised the district’s students for graduating able to compete with students from other schools in Pennsylvania.

Hawkins called the district’s dual-enrollment program a head start for students pursuing college education.

“I told the board nine years ago that my philosophy was to give every student a reason to come to school and make every child feel like they belong, Hawkins continued. “I am not sure that I have done that with 100 percent success, but feel most students do like coming to school and feel like they belong.”

In addition to faculty, staff and administration, Hawkins also thanked the district’s cafeteria, aid and maintenance workers for making “all the good things” that happen in the district possible. Finally, he thanked the students, who he said were “wonderful to work with.”

“They can do anything they put their mind to,” he said. “They have made my job a great one, and I thank them for it.”

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