ST. MARYS — Wireless internet might soon be accessible from the stadium outside of St. Marys Area High School. The St. Marys Area School District is considering providing wifi coverage for the entirety of its middle and high school campuses, the latest in a series of tech upgrades.

The equipment needed to increase coverage comes with a price tag of $54,063.99, according to business documents, though the district won’t pay that all out of pocket. Up to 70 percent of that cost is reimbursable under the district’s e-rate agreement.

“Our goal is to cover our entire outdoor campus with accessible wifi,” said Aaron Simbeck, of the district’s tech support department.

Infotech company Logicalis would furnish the equipment. The company’s bid will be considered next week by the district’s board of administrators.

Simbeck said increasing coverage could benefit school faculty, students and visitors. A teacher could still submit grades if they had class outside, for example, or school sport spectators could access their social media from the stands.

Simbeck also said the district is looking at giving security personnel access to cameras from their smart devices, which would require internet access.

Simbeck said the school had looked at different security concerns. It would be unlikely, he said, for an individual not associated with the school to access the wifi for their own use.

The school is not located near many personal residences, he said, and the internet is heavily filtered during school hours. He added that the area of coverage could be scaled back in the event that it was being accessed inappropriately.

It is not yet known when work to install the access equipment around the schools’ perimeters would begin.

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