Dream Float CBD oil

Janice Constable and Zak Breniman are pictured in Dream Float, a flotation therapy center on South St. Marys Street, where they’ve had a vast amount of success selling water-soluble CBD oil.

ST. MARYS — What started as a personal journey for two Elk County business owners has turned into a whirlwind of success and life-changing stories.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, extracted from cannabis plants, is used for pain relief, to reduce anxiety and depression, heart health, better sleep and more, say Zak Breniman and Janice Constable, owners of the business.

Where people get the product, though, and what they know about it is important, said Breniman of Dream Float on South St. Marys Street.

Dream Float’s CBD oil uses new technology making it water-soluble. The product is also backed by the Mayo Clinic and their study, which showed an 80-94 percent absorption rate, according to Breniman. Oil-based products have an absorbent rate of four to eight percent.

A large part of understanding CBD and its potential is education, the couple says, constantly broadcasting informational videos on social media. The product is THC free, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

“Starting a wellness center, we like anything that can help people naturally feel better,” Breniman said. “We just want to help heal the community.”

Taking CBD “opens up receptors” in the body, so people can lower their prescriptions, since they’re absorbing things better and having better outcomes, Constable said.

Dream Float has signed with pharmacies, veterinarians, massage therapists and chiropractors, and is signing with three additional pharmacies in the near future. In just two months, they’ve sold out several times.

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“We are backed by doctors and surgeons, and we are trained and taught by them, not a sales team,” Constable adds.

The goal is to always be more than a business, Breniman said, but a resource — a place where people can ask questions and sit down and “talk about life.”

“Every day, four or five people call us or stop in, or message us with amazing results,” Breniman said. “It’s great to build a wealth of knowledge from testimonials from our customers. We want people to tell their story and to be a part of this.”

They have reached out to other float centers as well, just signing one in Virginia, the couple said.

“The great thing about float centers is most of them care for their community and customers deeply,” Breniman said. “CBD is another way you can help take care of people.”

For more information, visit the Dream Float Facebook page, call 814-834-3974 or stop in at 934 South St. Marys Street.

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