BENEZETTE — A Benezette couple recently opened a sports and recreation business that will cater to both elk country locals and tourists.

Susan Peterman and Jacob Moser opened Elk Valley Adventures, a kayaking and tubing rental business, in May.

Peterman is from Reynoldsville, but Moser has many ties to the Benezette area. His mother, Deb, formerly owned the EVA location as a camp, Peterman said.

Deb was an avid horse owner and rider, she said, conducting a horse run in Benezette called “Elk Valley,” hence the name of the new business.

Around 20 years ago, Sinnemahoning Creek was orange in color, and people couldn’t swim in it, Peterman recalls. Moser’s father was part of the watershed crew that brought the Bennets Branch of Sinnemahoning Creek to life again.

Peterman also works at the Benezette Hotel and Benezette Wines, where she has heard people mention the need for kayaks in the area, she said.

“People are always coming to look at the elk, and asking what all there is to do,” she said.

Kayakers even get to view the elk crossing the river at times, Peterman said, as they cross to go into the hollows when it’s hot outside. River goers can also view other forms of wildlife, like does and their fawns.

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So far, EVA customers have been fellow Benezette business owners and friends, Peterman said, but strangers are started to trickle in, too.

“We have always kayaked and fished,” she said. “We love the outdoors.”

Since a business like this is very weather dependent, Peterman and Moser are taking it as they go, she said. Eventually, they hope to add a gift shop.

For more information, visit EVA on Facebook or call 814-787-8522.

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