BROOKVILLE — Januaries in the recent memory of Jefferson County residents were likely drier than last month, according to data from the county Department of Emergency Services’ latest Rain Gauge Report.

The county average for January 2017 was 5.115 inches, more than double January 2016’s average of 2.111 inches. In 2015, the average was 2.852 inches, and in 2014, the average was 2.865 inches.

Readings ranged from 6.65 inches in

See Rain, Page A4

Corsica Borough to 2.89 inches in Timblin Borough.

Among the county’s three watersheds, the Clarion River watershed received the most precipitation, with an average of 5.723 inches. The Red Bank Creek watershed saw an average of 4.990 inches and an average of 4.883 inches fell in the Mahoning Creek watershed area.

Following are readings by station, monitor and amount:

Corsica Borough, Charles Young Jr., 6.65; Richardsville, John Thompson, 6.11; Howe, Dave Gordon, 5.68; Brockway, Emory Keith, 5.42; Alaska, Tracy and Valerie Zents, 5.37; Winslow Township, Rev. James Green, 5.35; Warsaw (south), Pat Keys, 5.33; Reynoldsville, Frank Vitarelli, 5.31; Munderf, Ken Thompson, 5.22; Big Run, PA American Water, 5.16; Reynoldsville Borough, Peach Caltagarone, 5.15; Snyder Township, Pastor Charles Lee Jr., 5.14; Rockdale, Leslie Wilson, 5.02; Sykesville, Paul Zimmerman, 5.02; Hormtown, Richard Stover, 4.91; Punxsutawney, Tom Fusco, 4.86; Stanton, Robert Shields, 4.75; Punxsutawney, Charles Hoeh, 4.49; Rose Township Building, Mark McManigle, 4.47; Timblin Borough, Ken Danser, 2.89.

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