FALLS CREEK — During their meeting this week, the Falls Creek Borough Council discussed problems created by children at the community’s Memorial Park.

Mayor Karen Forsythe brought up the matter during the Parks and Recreation Board report. She mentioned she had seen children being disrespectful in the park on several occasions, and wondered if there was anything that could be done.

“I’ve had a lot of people complaining about the kids playing up there and being very destructive in the memorial park, riding bikes and jumping off the stage,” Forsythe said.

Borough Manager Cindy Fritz agreed that she, too, had seen children at the park, and had tried to talk to them. She and Forsythe agreed the children they had seen were around 14 years old, and it was often the same children each time.

The council discussed the possibility of putting up signs, but came to the conclusion that doing that probably would not make a difference because of how easily accessible the ramp at the back of the stage is. The children take their bikes up the back ramp of the stage and then ride off the front of the stage into the grass.

“It’s just sad to see because so many people donated a lot of time and money, and now kids have to be tearing it up,” Forsythe said.

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Dump truckThe council also discussed the upcoming purchase of a new dump truck. The council needed to ratify the purchase of an available chassis. This sparked debate about whether a second dump truck was needed. The council already has a second truck, but would be replacing it with the new one.

Fritz explained that when there have been water breaks, both trucks have been used to handle debris. She also talked about how useful it was to have during any snowstorms the area experiences. Councilman Darrell Kirsch didn’t feel the uses of the second dump truck justified buying a new one.

The council has been planning on the new truck and has it budgeted already. They will not be buying it until next fall after they have the other dump truck paid off. They also might receive grant money to buy the truck, but this process is still in very early stages.

“We’re putting a lot of wear and tear on that one truck... The other truck we haven’t been using because we don’t want to put more and more money into this older truck. We just got done paying $2,500 just to have it somewhat okay just to get it inspected,” said borough consultant Lu Inzana.

The borough agreed to move forward with the truck.

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