FALLS CREEK — The Falls Creek Borough Council, at Monday’s meeting, discussed possible recreation uses for their reservoir since the town uses DuBois City water.

Darrell Kirsch, a member of the authority committee brought the suggestion to the council, saying they should start doing something with it now that the community is on DuBois water.

“I think there’s a lot of possibilities … I think that’s a great place to utilize for fishing for the community, and maybe a park type thing. There’s a lot of opportunities there,” borough consultant Lu Inzana said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection would have to be contacted before the council could move forward. The council responded positively to the idea of utilizing the area for the community. Inzana said he would rather not have people swimming at the area because of the responsibility it would put on the borough.

“Can’t swim, I wouldn’t get into that because then you’re getting into liability and lifeguards,” said Inzana. “You could certainly do fishing for fun for some of the kids, maybe get some other organizations involved,” Inzana said.

Borough Manager Cindy Fritz suggested looking into grants to help redevelop the area. Kirsch also mentioned the grant DuBois just received for fixing up the Tannery Dam area, saying Falls Creek could try to find something similar.

The redevelopment committee also met with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently for the redevelopment of the Jackson China property. The EPA is putting together a plan to make it more feasible for people to see who might be interested.

“We’re still working on these areas to try to develop the property, and this is just another way to go,” Inzana said.

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Mark Miller, fire chief, told the council that the fire department would be sending a letter asking them to keep a 100-foot-by-100-foot section of the property to have a landing zone.

The department doesn’t have any nearby landing zones in the winter for life flight to land if there is an emergency.

Falls Creek will also be celebrating Halloween on Oct. 31, with the parade beginning at 6 p.m. Trick-or-treating will follow.

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