FALLS CREEK — The Falls Creek Borough Municipal Authority is using its financial divining rod to dowse for the possibility of additional grant money for its water interconnection project with the City of DuBois.

Last month, PENNVEST (Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority) offered the authority a $1,329,200 loan and a $670,800 grant, which the authority has accepted.

Then, last week, borough manager Cindy Fritz and borough consultant Lu Inzana had a meeting with various officials to see what other grant funding may be available.

Inzana said the officials who attended the meeting gave them some ideas to possibly get some additional grant money.

“I thought it was very informative, and that’s what we needed, somebody to come in and say, ‘hey, there’s more grant money here or there, and why don’t you try to go after it?’” he said of the meeting.

Officials attending the meeting included Dave Henning, project specialist with PennVEST; Jefferson County Commissioner Jeff Pisarcik; and Bill Setree, director of community development for the Jefferson County Department of Development.

Inzana said two possible avenues for additional grant money were mentioned. They were the state community development block grant (CDBG) program and the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).

“The idea is that they’re onto some other avenues that we can look at,” he commented.

He noted that any additional grant money would reduce the amount of the PennVEST loan.

“It’s a shot in the dark,” he said. “It could work and it could not work.”

Inzana said they’re looking at pursuing grant funding for items such as a chlorine mixer, the communication system and a valve.

“We can’t give it up,” he said. “We’ve got to try it. If it works, it’s a benefit to everybody.”

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