FALLS CREEK — The Falls Creek Fire Department has resolved its finances in question after failing an audit by the Auditor General’s office.

Falls Creek Borough Council spoke about the audit during its meeting at the beginning of the month, as the responsibility of the audit could have fallen to the borough if it was not resolved, according to Council President Kevin Reynolds.

“This last subject pertains to the fire company….They were audited by the Auditor General. The report finds that there was $2,565 undocumented expenditures. And there was another $819 in unauthorized expenditures,” said Reynolds.

He explained that the $819 will have to be paid, but the $2,565 could be reimbursed. Borough Manager Cindy Fritz was planning to contact the fire department to have the situation explained further.

“They may have to pay it back. If they can come up with the documentation they don’t have to... It is a guarantee they will have to pay back the $819,” Fritz said. “They possibly didn’t know the funds they were using from the Fireman’s Relief Association, maybe they didn’t understand they shouldn’t have used those funds. I think that’s what happened.”

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The money is only allowed to be spent on certain items for the department, which Fire Chief Mark Miller confirmed was one of the issues with the audit.

“The two ‘findings’ were simple issues that were resolved before the report even came out. First was a receipt I did not get to them before the print date of the report but was provided,” Miller said. “The second was an item we purchased that we thought was on the approved equipment list that was not. The department simply reimbursed the relief association the purchase price.”

The department is typically audited every two years, and this was one of the routine audits for the department.

The issues with the audit have both been resolved since they were brought before the council.

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