Saying goodbye to the mayor

Falls Creek Borough Council President Kevin Reynolds, left, gives a farewell handshake to the outgoing mayor, Charles Moore, right, at this week’s borough council meeting.

Eric Hrin

FALLS CREEK — Falls Creek Mayor Charles Moore bid farewell to borough council this week.

Moore chose not to run for re-election, and Monday’s council meeting was his last one.

“This is the end,” he said.

A familiar face in the borough, he served eight years as mayor and also served on council, making for a total of 20-plus years of local leadership.

During the mayor’s report, he wished the borough “lots of luck” in the future, noting he would be available, if needed.

“Charlie, I’m sure the council, if I can speak for everyone here at this time, appreciates everything you’ve done over the years,” council President Kevin Reynolds said. “You’ve done a good job, and we thank you and appreciate it.”

Following Reynolds’ remarks, council gave Moore a round of applause.

When asked for comment after the meeting, Moore said, “I’m kind of sad to go, but I just feel it’s time to fade into the sunset, like John Wayne would say.”

He liked working with the people in the borough.

“We’ve got a nice bunch of guys and ladies here to work with, and everything kind of runs pretty smooth,” he said.

He noted that he was accessible to the community during his time as mayor.

“All they had to do was call me, they know where I’m at,” he said.

“I helped the borough crew quite a bit when they had water breaks. I was flagging for them and stuff like that.”

Council member Chuck Case commended Moore for doing a really good job as mayor. He said Moore would cut grass for elderly residents, requesting nothing in return.

Now, Moore’s daughter, Karen L. Forsythe, will be the next mayor.

“She is excited about it,” Moore said.

He said that he is proud of her.

“She has a lot of ideas.”

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