Falls Creek monument

Lu Inzana, member of the Falls Creek Memorial Park Committee, and Cindy Fritz, borough manager, stand next to the blank monument they are hoping to fill with names of veterans for in the park.

FALLS CREEK — The Falls Creek Memorial Park Committee is seeking names of area men or women who served in the armed forces to be added to a monument coming to the park.

A ribbon-cutting was held for the park last summer, marking the end of the major construction and landscaping, but the committee knew there were still some loose ends to finish.

Gathering the names of local veterans has been on the minds of committee members, and they have started working to make this a reality. The monument is being made by Korb Monuments of DuBois, and can hold up to about 40 names on one stone.

Anyone who lives or lived in the Falls Creek zip code and is a veteran can have their name put on the monument for a fee that will be used to help pay for the monument. The monument will have the name and branch of service listed.

“We want to be able to get people that are in the Falls Creek zip code, 15840, then you could have your name put on this monument. This is not just for the deceased, this is also for the living,” said Lu Inzana, a member of the park committee.

The monument will be shaped like a podium, with the words “Falls Creek Veterans” on the top of it. The names will be spread down the front and sides of the monument. Korb helped the committee in the decision of what kind of monument would best fit their goals.

“We had another idea, but Mr. Korb thought it was not a good way to do it,” said Borough Manager Cindy Fritz. “We’ve talked with him to find which would be the best way.”

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There is already a monument in the park to honor those who died in service. This new monument is meant to honor all veterans in the area who served.

“When we built this park initially it was to create a memorial for our veterans, and for those who died in service. The end part of this is we don’t want people to think we forgot those who served on our behalf. So this is a thank you, or bringing to light the people who served in the armed forces for our community and for us as a whole,” Inzana said.

Inzana said it is important to gather the names ahead of time, because the cost will increase if the names have to be added after the monument is placed at the park. This is why they are trying to collect all the names beforehand.

Those interested in having a name added to the list for the monument can call Cindy Fritz at the borough office at 371-2121. She will explain the costs and requirements to have a name added. There are also forms at the borough office that can be picked up and filled out.

If the borough receives enough interest in the project, they will be adding two of the same monuments to the park to hold all the names.

“We’re hoping to get 80 names, 40 on one and 40 on another, but we can’t do that without the help of all the people. So, if you know of anybody, please forward their name. We’ll even make contact if necessary, but the idea is to try to fill up that monument,” Inzana said.

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